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October 2018

Located in the center of the most important industrial corridor in Mexico, VYNMSA Guanajuato Industrial Park has positioned itself as a class industrial complex world that offers a strategic location for the growth of Business.

Currently, the first stage of the industrial park covers 13 hectares and three buildings built.

According to VYNMSA, two companies are already operating, one German and another Japanese. In addition, the developer is in the process of negotiations with some other companies interested in settling in the industrial park.

VYNMSA Guanajuato Industrial Park has an electric substation with 20 MVA capacity, water well, voice and data services, drainage network sanitary and pluvial, hydraulic concrete roads, green areas and a program of preservation of the natural environment, among others.

The developer reported that it launched the second phase of development VYNMSA Guanajuato Industrial Park, which covers 55 hectares of land additional to those already urbanized and that have all the services.
At this stage it is expected that around 22 new companies can be installed, mainly of German, Japanese and American origin.

“The nationalities are a little more diverse, but they are still the same who have already found in Guanajuato a good place to install their operations like German, Japanese and American, as well as companies originating in China and Korea, countries that have been looking to increase installation of its operations in the area, “said VYNMSA.

As for the industrial sectors, the arrival of companies is expected belonging to the automotive, food and chemical industry, mainly.

According to the real estate developer, Guanajuato is an attractive State for arrival of new investments due to their logistical location, as well as the facilities and support that the State Government generates for the development of new investment projects.
The availability of young labor is important to them, as it offers a sustainable growth for companies, in addition to that Guanajuato has
institutions and training programs according to the industry, among other characteristics.
Finally, VYNMSA announced that they are constantly expanding and looking for new growth opportunities where there is potential for developing.

VYNMSA has a presence in more than 20 locations in the country where it has buildings ready for the installation of new companies.

The developer estimates that 22 new companies can be installed in VYNMSA Guanajuato Industrial Park.


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