VYNMSA was stablished in 1994, today we are one of the leading industrial real estate builders and developers in Mexico. We have 29 years of experience in the industrial real estate sector building and leasing class “A” buildings, portfolio and property management among other services.

Our presence in Mexico is in 36 industrial locations in the states of Nuevo Leon (Headquarters), Coahuila, Queretaro, San Luis Potosi, Guanajuato and Tamaulipas.

We have worked with companies of all sizes and from different countries some of them are: Amazon, Microsoft, Siemens, CF Moto, GM, BD-Medical, Hitachi, Faurecia, Ryder, Hwaseung, Eaton, FEMSA, Hanwha, Lego, Wymann Gordon, Alstom, among others.


To construct quality industrial buildings that exceeds our customers expectations, working with a great spirit of service. And, as always, to deliver our projects "On Budget, On Time, As Promised".


To be on top of mind for national and international companies that are looking for Industrial Real Estate solutions for their business projects in Mexico.



For our customers, for our suppliersand for ourselves.


We recognize the human being as a person regardless of their status or socio-economic level in the company.


We choose to do the right thing based on the truth, honesty and respect. We're responsible for our obligations and focusing on the client, providing trust and exemplary service.


Total responsibility for the fulfillment of the commitments offered to our clients.

Environmental Care

We take full responsibility for the fulfillment of our commitments offered to our clients.


We work ethically. Our decisions are always made keeping what’s ethical in mind. To help us with this, we developed a code of ethics that is known by all of our staff and is the baseline of all the members of this company to leave a positive mark on this world.

Human Rights

VYNMSA wishes to be a proactive agent for the protection of human rights in its sphere of influence and depending on its degree of impact. Our Human Rights Policy formalizes, in an integral manner, together with its Code of Ethics, its commitment in this matter.

Commitment 1

Avoid discriminatory practices or that undermine people's dignity.

Commitment 2

Eradicate the use of child labor.

Commitment 3

Offer decent employment .

Commitment 4

Protect people's health.

Commitment 5

Respect communities and take care of the environment.

Commitment 6

Contribute to fighting corruption.

Commitment 7

Promote awareness of human rights in our stakeholders.

Code of Ethics

Our Code of Ethics and Policies of Conduct govern labor relations within the company and with our stakeholders. The main guidelines of the Code are known by 100% of the collaborators and are our base to guide us as members of this company and leave a positive mark on our work, in the family and in society.Here are some points of our Code of Ethics:

1) We consider integrity and honesty as the highest value that distinguishes us. We seek to be a positive image of the company.
2) We do not discriminate against any person based on race, age, marital status, pregnancy, gender, religion, political preference, social class, family status, sexual orientation, disability or illness.
3) We do not tolerate any type of harassment or conditioning of personnel, nor that the success of a person depends on favoritism, bribery or practices contrary to our Code of Ethics.
4) We want our Suppliers to help us offer excellent services, so we ensure that your selection is impartial, based on quality, profitability and service.
5) In dealing with customers and suppliers we do not accept or encourage any kind of corruption, bribery or favoritism. We do not receive favors or money to grant benefits to anyone.
6) We promote honest and transparent relations between the Company and the authorities. Bribes or acts of corruption, whether to speed up a procedure, avoid a fine or a suspension, are prohibited.
7) We are committed to the economic and social growth of the communities where we operate through the creation and maintenance of decent and productive sources of employment.
8) We are committed to finding the means to take care of the environment and the care of natural resources. We also welcome the responsible practices of our personnel in environmental matters.
9) We obtain, treat and protect personal data in a responsible and ethical manner, and in accordance with the laws and regulations issued by the authority.

Care of the Planet

For VYNMSA, One of our greatest responsibilities is the respect and care of the place where we and our children and the next generations will live. For this reason, we understand that we have a very important role in caring for the environment and even more, to spread among our employees, customers, suppliers and any group with which we have contact, a conscience to respect, care for and preserve our planet.

How can we help you?

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