VYNMSA leader in the industrial real estate sector

VYNMSA, parques industriales

VYNMSA started in 1994 as a general housing, industrial and commercial construction company. After a few years, specialization allowed us to become a builder and developer of industrial spaces, with the mission of providing quality industrial buildings that exceed each of our clients’ expectations, thus becoming the first option for national and international companies, who […]

Economic sectors in Mexico and their importance for the growth of the country

Principales industrias en México, sectores económicos en México con mayor crecimiento

Mexico is one of the largest and most dynamic economies in Latin America. Despite the different economic and political circumstances, Mexico continues to be an attractive destination for foreign investment, thanks to its strategic location and highly-skilled workforce. At the end of 2022, the Mexican economy grew 3.0% compared to 2021. According to the Estimación […]

The landscape of industrial parks in Mexico

Parques industriales en México

Industrial parks are a fundamental piece for global economic development. Find out how they were founded, their characteristics and how they work. As well as the challenges and opportunities of these real estate constructions for the future. History of industrial parks Industrial parks are an urban phenomenon that originated in England. They emerged with the […]

Characteristics of a sustainable company

The topic of sustainability has gone from being a trend to a new corporate strategy, which is well received by customers and business partners. However, it is crucial to know what characteristics a sustainable company has and how authentic its implementation is. If you want to establish a sustainable company or switch to sustainability, you […]

Nearshoring in Mexico boosts industrial real estate sector in 2023

Nearshoring en México

Mexico’s industrial real estate sector experienced a historic year in 2022 thanks to the nearshoring effect, which has led to an unprecedented relocation of production and supply chains along the country’s northern border. As a result, more than 68 million square feet were consolidated in almost five hundred transactions, representing the highest level of space […]

Nearshoring: What is it and how does it benefit Mexico?


The strategic position of Mexico and the increase in tension between China and the United States, due to geopolitical and economic problems, have caused various companies to have difficulties in shipping their products from abroad. These key factors have positioned Mexico as an attractive country for foreign investment and the establishment of companies. Find out […]

Main benefits sought by workers in manufacturing industries

Principales beneficios buscados por los trabajadores en las industrias manufactureras

The manufacturing sector has one of the highest turnover rates. One of the main reasons for this phenomenon is the mismatch between the benefits offered by employers in this sector and the benefits desired by workers. Competitive salary and benefits The average salary of a manufacturing employee is $15,248 MXN per month. Therefore, it makes […]

How to measure your company’s productivity?

Company productivity

Labor productivity is an economic parameter that reflects the volume and efficiency of employees. The question of how to achieve optimal productivity is always relevant, and the task is very difficult. It is not easy to immediately identify the factors affecting the professional activity of specialists and the result of their effort in relation to […]

Top 7 production trends in 2023


  Manufacturers are still recovering from the effects of the coronavirus pandemic and face a number of challenges: The skills shortage The skills gap Bottlenecks in the supply chain New roles for workers in the course of automation. Retaining and recruiting new employees Doing more with less Over the past decade, the number of manufacturing […]