5 Key Factors to select your Industrial Park in Monterrey

Monterrey, known as the industrial capital of Mexico, offers several industrial park options for companies looking to establish themselves in the region, and is considered a consistent industrial market. Choosing the right industrial park is crucial to the success of your operation and Monterrey offers a unique combination of strategic location, efficient connectivity, guaranteed basic services, facility diversity, adaptability, security, regulatory compliance, skilled workforce and networking opportunities. These benefits position Monterrey as an exceptional business location for the establishment and growth of industrial parks, attracting companies seeking to maximize their efficiency and competitiveness in the marketplace. In this blog, we will show you the 5 key factors to consider when selecting an industrial park in Monterrey.

parque industrial en Monterrey

 Strategic Location

This region is recognized as one of the most attractive for investing and doing business thanks to its proximity to the United States. Having an industrial park in Monterrey allows you to benefit from the production and logistics chains that have been generated with the United States as a result of NAFTA, which generates shorter production and shipping systems, improves communication, production and supply times.
With three air SE terminals guarantees extensive connectivity, offering direct domestic and international flights to major cities such as Los Angeles, San Antonio, Dallas, Houston, Austin, Miami, Chicago and New York, among others. In addition, the region has first-class road infrastructure, including Interstate 35, which extends to the northern United States, and Interstate 10, which runs through the entire southern part of the bordering state. In terms of railroads, companies such as Ferromex, Unión del Pacífico and Kansas City Southern provide connections with several Mexican states and the southern region of the United States.
It is important to remember that the strategic location of your industrial park is essential for operational efficiency. Proximity to key communication routes, such as major highways and ports, facilitates the distribution of products and raw materials.


An industrial park must have easy access to essential services such as water, electricity and telecommunications. Ensuring that your company has constant access to these services is crucial to maintain continuity of operations and minimize disruptions. Industrial parks in Monterrey guarantee easy and constant access to essential basic services. This availability allows the continuity of operations and minimizes interruptions in the production process.


Park Characteristics and Specifications

Types of Facilities and Spaces

It is crucial to evaluate the facilities available in the industrial parks. Does the park offer the right infrastructure that fits the needs of your operation? Considering the type of space available, whether for manufacturing, warehousing, distribution or logistics is critical to aligning the facilities with your company’s objectives.

Adaptability and flexibility

The capabilities of the industrial park to adapt to future expansions or changes in your operations is a crucial factor. The flexibility of space and the ability to adjust capacity as needed ensure that your investment is long-term and can evolve as your company grows. Monterrey has a wide variety of industrial parks, offering facilities tailored to the specific needs of companies. The diversity of available space allows facilities to be aligned with the particular objectives of each company.

Safety and Regulations

Safety is a priority in any industrial environment. Evaluating the security measures implemented in the park is essential to ensure a safe working environment. Monterrey stands out for its robust security measures implemented in industrial parks, including surveillance systems, access control, and emergency protocols. In addition, regulatory compliance at both the local and national levels guarantees operations within legal and ethical standards.

Regulatory compliance

Making sure that your industrial park complies with local and national regulations is vital. Assessing compliance with environmental, construction and labor regulations will ensure that your company operates within legal and ethical guidelines.

Networking and workforce opportunities

Creating synergies with other businesses at the park can provide opportunities for collaboration and mutual growth. Assessing the diversity of the business community in the park and potential strategic connections can be a differentiating factor.

Human capital

Monterrey’s labor force is considered one of the most productive and prepared in the country, with 2.87 million economically active people, where 39% are women and 61% men. According to the Urban Competitiveness Index 2023 of the Mexican Institute for Competitiveness (IMCO), Monterrey stands out as the most competitive city in indicators such as environment, labor market, economy, infrastructure, international openness and innovation, this is one of the key factors to consider when locating your industrial park in this region.

Cost and economic benefits

Performing a detailed analysis of operating costs in the industrial park is essential. Evaluating the balance between operating costs and the benefits offered, such as additional services or incentives, allows you to make informed financial decisions. The advantage of locating in Monterrey is to optimize logistics operations, reducing costs and delivery times. Proximity results in increased efficiency across supply chains.
Selecting the right industrial park in Monterrey involves careful consideration of location, infrastructure, flexibility, security, networking opportunities and economics. By evaluating these 5 key factors, you will ensure that your company is positioned for success in this exciting industrial center.
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