Advantages of steel construction

Steel construction remains the first choice when it comes to the economical construction of durable and flexible industrial and commercial buildings.

Advantages of steel construction

Short assembly times and low construction costs

Whether in hall construction, industrial or commercial construction, steel as a building material increases profitability. Industrial production and exact delivery quantities guarantee cost security and short assembly times in steel construction. All-inclusive prices and maintenance costs that can be accurately calculated allow precise calculation in advance.
Because of its strength, steel also allows large spans and subsequent reinforcement. Bolted connections even allow uncomplicated disassembly and assembly at different locations.

Safety in steel construction

Industrial production controls guarantee the quality of materials in steel construction. With standardized solutions and defined connections to other construction materials, a high level of safety is guaranteed. Quality control is simplified by the accessibility and visibility of joints and welds. In addition, fire and corrosion protection and changes in safety requirements are easy to implement structurally.

Modular and expandable constructions

Steel is a flexible construction material. Large spans can be bridged without intermediate supports. In addition, all construction elements can be easily exchanged, reinforced or modified. Dismountable connections can be easily loosened and reassembled. Modular construction and design allow extensions and expansions even during use.

Resource conservation and recycling

Building with steel saves resources. Due to the material’s high strength and load-bearing capacity, the use of thin components is possible. 99% of steel components can be reused. They are infinitely recyclable without loss of quality. In addition, construction times are relatively short due to the prefabrication of the steel components and assembly with simple fasteners, thus reducing the environmental impact.

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