The chemical industry in Mexico is reacting

The chemical industry in Mexico is reacting

The chemical industry and the USMCA present a win-win situation for companies across the North America.

The chemical industry in Mexico has been growing for the past three years. The ANIQ (Mexican National Chemical Association) estimated that, in 2019, over $4,500M USD were invested in this industry, contributing with 2.1% of the national GDP.

The ratification of the USMCA has played a significant role in this growth, as companies within the industry view the terms within the agreement as a win-win. This new revision of the NAFTA makes it easier for companies in the chemical industry to work together manufacturing chemicals.

The USMCA is a win-win for us all” stated Chris Jahn, American Chemistry Council (ACC) CEO, as he pointed out that the ratification of this agreement will lead North America to grow its chemical industry.

Companies, such as Chemour, have also set their eyes in Mexico thanks to the benefits of the USMCA. They estimate that the ratification of this agreement can make this industry in Mexico grow two-fold in the near future.

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