Coahuila and its growth in the industrial real estate sector

The state of Coahuila, located in northern Mexico, has experienced sustained growth in various economic sectors in recent decades. One of the most notable is the industrial real estate sector, which has received a boost thanks to its strategic geographical location, cutting-edge infrastructure, and qualified workforce. Learn how Coahuila has become a benchmark in the field of industrial development and how it has managed to attract investments in the real estate sector over the years.

Coahuila, sector inmobiliaria industrial


Coahuila’s strategic edge: A prime location for industrial growth

Coahuila is a privileged state in terms of geographical location. Bordered to the north by Texas, United States, the state has successfully leveraged its location to attract foreign direct investment as a gateway to the North American market. Connectivity through modern roads and efficient border crossings has been a key factor in attracting companies seeking to establish their manufacturing and logistics operations in the region.

Coahuila’s industrial warehouse infrastructure: Pave the way for progress

The development of world-class infrastructure has been fundamental to the growth of the industrial real estate sector in Coahuila, with suitable spaces for the installation of national and international companies with services such as reliable electricity, water supply and access to state-of-the-art information technologies.

The growth of the industrial real estate sector in Coahuila has not been limited to a single industry. The state has managed to diversify its industrial base, attracting investments in sectors such as automotive, electronics, aerospace and energy. Coahuila obtains 45% of its GDP from the manufacturing industry, during 2022 it generated 907 billion from this sector. This diversification not only makes the economy more resilient to changes in global demand but also encourages the creation of supply chains and collaboration between different sectors.

Coahuila has positioned itself as the state with the highest demand for industrial spaces in the country with 33% occupancy, according to CBRE data, and 265 thousand square meters during the first half of 2023. This growth is in response to the automotive industry’s demand to establish a presence in this region, the Automotive Investment Report 2Q 2023 from the company Directorio Automotriz, indicates that Coahuila is the second state with the greatest attraction of automotive investments with 1,644.55 million dollars, which represents 13.4% of FDI.

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Skilled Workforce

Coahuila’s workforce is renowned for its high quality and training across various sectors. Educational institutions and technical training programs have played a crucial role in cultivating specialized workers in areas such as advanced manufacturing, engineering, and logistics. This competitive advantage has attracted companies seeking efficient operations and highly skilled employees.

The surge in industrial warehouses and parks in Coahuila serves as an example of how a strategic combination of factors can drive economic growth and transform a region. Its strategically located geography, investment incentives, modern infrastructure, and the development of industrial clusters have created a conducive environment for businesses looking to establish and grow. As Coahuila continues to evolve as a vibrant industrial hub, its focus on innovation, collaboration, and sustainable development promises a prosperous future for both the region and the country as a whole.

At VYNMSA, we have a presence in the region with industrial inventory available for immediate occupation, equipped with all the services your company needs for seamless operations. Coahuila has proven to be a standout player in the industrial real estate sector in Mexico and North America. Its strategic location, modern infrastructure, skilled workforce, and commitment to diversification have been key factors in attracting investments and renowned companies. As it continues to grow and develop, Coahuila has the potential to serve as a role model for other states looking to strengthen their industrial base through real estate. We invite you to explore the exact locations of our industrial parks and share details about your project. Contact us and ensure the total success of your operations in the region.

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