The cosmetic industry in Mexico is getting luscious

The cosmetic industry in Mexico

Bigger and better, this industry is at an all time high

The history of the cosmetic industry is, without a doubt, a colorful one. Once used for religious purposes, then as war painting, and more recently, as luxury beauty accessories. Nowadays, cosmetics have become an industry that produces everyday goods used by virtually everyone in the world.

Mexico has the third biggest cosmetic industry in the world. Around $9B USD are generated from this market, making it a whopping 4.2% of the national GDP, produced as part of the chemical industry.

Each year, the Mexican cosmetic industry grows 9% to 11%. Each person spends on average $3,600 MX yearly buying these products, making this industry a great area for business opportunities” informed Eva Ramos Sánchez, former President of the Society of Chemical Cosmetologists of Mexico (SQCM).

Besides of getting bigger, it is also getting better. Sustainability has been the new drive of the cosmetic industry in Mexico, as around 90% of national and international companies are looking forward to working with greener ingredients, being for production, packaging, and distribution.

Furthermore, according to ICEX España Exportación e Inversiones, Mexicans are thinking more about taking good care of how look and improving their self-esteem, besides also having the need of protecting their skin from the sun and pollution.

Perfumes and cosmetic manufacturers are investing in innovation so they can create new and better products each year. Furthermore, the consumer is now more interested in preventing (skin damages), rather that only dealing with them. This is why, products with rejuvanicing or rehydrating properties are prone to be a success” explained the organization.

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