Step-by-Step Guide to Leasing Your Ideal Industrial Space in Queretaro

The state of Queretaro is the perfect industrial space for your company to make a difference. The industrial sector in Queretaro continues to expand with the growing demand for space within different industries such as automotive, electronics, aeronautics and metal mechanics. This state has different advantages that have positioned it as one of the states in Mexico with the highest demand for industrial occupancy due to its privileged geographical location, which makes it a strategic location for logistics and trade.

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This region has quality infrastructure, modern roads, highways, railroads and access to a highly skilled labor force. This combination of elements has stimulated industrial development in the region. Get to know the industrial spaces we have in Queretaro and make sure that every decision contributes to the success of your business.

  • Needs evaluation of an industrial space:

Before the search begins, it is important to note that Queretaro offers various industrial spaces that adapt to different needs. Consider not only the size required but also aspects such as ceiling height, access to loading docks, and complex security. Start by analyzing your requirements, considering both your company’s or project’s current needs and projections for future growth. This step is crucial to ensure that the space selected is truly suitable for your company’s development.

  • Specific requirements:

Due to the diversification of industries in Queretaro, it is crucial to customize requirements according to the specific needs of your sector. For example, if you are in the automotive industry, ensure the space has the right facilities for manufacturing and assembly. Define specific requirements that align with the particularities of your company, ensuring that the industrial space chosen is fully functional.


  • Future planning:

Queretaro stands out for its constant industrial growth, so when choosing a space, consider its potential to adapt to your company’s growth. Also, review nearby development projects that could influence the area in the long term. Select a space that not only meets present needs but also allows for future expansion without complications.


  • Search for available industrial space:

Explore available options, using reliable tools and resources to streamline your search and ensure an efficient process. In addition to using conventional tools, explore online options and specialized networks. At VYNMSA, for example, we offer a detailed online catalog. Check it out.

  •  Location considerations

Queretaro not only benefits from its strategic location in the center of Mexico but also has specific industrial parks for different sectors. Evaluates proximity to suppliers, customers, and accessibility for transportation of materials. Analyze key location considerations to ensure that the choice is strategic for your company.

  • Key factors to consider:

In Querétaro, the availability of services such as electricity, access to water, and telecommunications services is essential. Make sure your industrial space of meets these requirements and offers solid infrastructure to ensure uninterrupted operations. Carefully examine the crucial factors that should influence your decision, from infrastructure, services, and the surrounding workforce to the amenities offered.

  • Negotiation and agreements:

Look for solid contract options that protect your company’s interests, take advantage of negotiation advice and counsel to secure terms that will benefit your company in the long term.


  • Start of operations:

When establishing operations in Queretaro, explore local partnerships and business networks. The industrial community in the region is collaborative, which can offer valuable opportunities for your company. Also, be sure to comply with local regulatory requirements from the initial stages.


By choosing industrial space in Queretaro with VYNMSA, you are ensuring not only the acquisition of the highest quality industrial space but also a strategic partnership that supports the continued growth of your company in this thriving region. We work as strategic allies, providing not only high-quality industrial space but also the necessary support for sustained growth in the prosperous industrial region of Queretaro. Trust VYNMSA to guide you to your ideal industrial space and a successful future in Mexico’s industrial heartland, contact us and learn how to take your company to the next level!


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