Industrial development based on sustainability

Sustainable industrial development presents long term solutions

Sustainable industrial development works with the foundations of sustainability. These are living and meeting needs without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own. Applied to an industrial context, it refers to developing projects in a way that can better protect their surrounding environment.

The point of developing a sustainable industry is so it can keep existing in the long term. This mindset takes into account the urgent requirements present and those of the future. Such are the preservation of the environment and its natural resources. 

This is why the aim of a sustainable industrial development is at our core. 

What is the role of industrial development?


Industrial development can be seen as two different concepts. The first one is the build and growing of industries within an economy. In turn, this has a positive impact on the quality of life of those under said economy by increasing their standard of living.

The second concept refers to the construction and development of the industrial projects companies may have. From providing basic infrastructure to creating BTS solutions for a high-specialty project. We practice both. By assisting our clients in settling in Mexico we indirectly promote the development of the Mexican industry. 

Nevertheless, we are environmentally conscious industrial developers. In order to be part of a more sustainable industry, our projects aim to be as sustentable as possible. We can base our way of working on the pillars of sustainability.

What are the 3 principles of sustainability?


Today, sustainability is often related to the environment. Mostly in regards to climate change prevention as it threatens life as we know it and can be linked to bad industrial practices. Thus, there are three principles to be followed to develop a sustainable industry.

  1. The economy. It is also referred to as profit. This principle is focused on not seeking short-term profits by forgoing bad practices in the industry. Easy money today can cost a fortune for next generations.
  2. The society. By being ethical in the treatment of people and their working conditions. Here at VYNMSA we take this very seriously, as we aim to be a proactive agent for the protection of human rights.
  3. The environment. By taking measures to reduce our impact on and protect the planet. Our efforts are focused on spreading this consciousness among our employees and applying it in our projects. 

It is key to find balance when applying these principles in order to achieve a sustainable industry. It then becomes crucial to know the importance of sustainability in the industry.

Why is it important to be sustainable?


There is no doubt that sustainability is important. The reason being that we cannot maintain an irresponsible use of resources without expecting consequences. In order to sustain our quality of life, and the very life on Earth itself, we must embrace being sustentable.

If we don’t act responsibly, the planet will run out of resources like fossil fuels and fresh water. Plus, the environment would receive a blow that will be way beyond repair. This is why it is crucial to have a sustainable industry. One in which industrial development is being handled with responsibility towards the environment.

Here at VYNMSA we take environmental responsibility seriously. We aim to leave a better planet for future generations. This is why whenever we start a new project we seek to protect the local flora, fauna, and aquifer mantels. Thus, we would like to assist you in settling in this country. 

We are one of the leading industrial real estate developers in Mexico. Plus, we have over 30 years of experience and have delivered over 500 projects to fully satisfied customers. We are also fully equipped to assist you in developing your BTS projects. All while offering lease and sale solutions that always have a win-win approach. 

We also are Broker Friendly and have around 20 inventory buildings ready for immediate occupancy. This is a total space of 2 million SqFt across Northeast and Central Mexico. 

Contact us and bring your company to Mexico with VYNMSA.

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