Industrial development and manufacturing

Industrial development led by manufacturing diversity
Industrial building in VYNMSA park

Thanks to several factors, there has been better industrial development and manufacturing diversity in Mexico in recent years. One of these is that it has spread towards different States of the country. This has allowed the expansion of the operating processes and has diversified the market into new regions.

Private Industrial Parks help the country to further develop its industry by introducing diversity into the mix

The Mexican Association of Private Industrial Parks (AMPIP) has played an important role in this industrial development and manufacturing.Thanks to its 67 members which in total have 360 industrial parks in 23 States, AMPIP has fostered the industrial real estate expansion in Mexico.

According to AMPIP, there are several parameters that show how important industrial parks are to the Mexican economy. These are three of the most essential

  • The 3,500 national and international companies settled within the industrial parks.
  • The estimated 3 million jobs that are generated within these parks.
  • The investment brought to Mexico by AMPIP members between 2018 and 2020 is around 4,600 million USD.

This has also reflected on the development of many regions in the country. A great example of this is the Bajio Region which has expanded its industry in the last 15 years.

The Bajio Region is becoming more important for the Mexican manufacturing and industrial development

Industrial development led by manufacturing diversity

The Bajio Region is becoming more important for the Mexican industry and the country’s economic growth. According to Lorenzo D. Berho, President of AMPIP, in the last 15 years the region has become more relevant thanks to its automotive industry, aerospace industry, electronics industry, and medical sector.

“This shows that Mexico doesn’t have only one type of industry, but has a great diversity which we call industrial complexes, which are those that keep the country’s manufacturing strong,” stated Berho.

All this data shows that recent years have been great to bring new international goods and services companies to the country. In other words, private industrial parks in Mexico increase the probability of generating new foreign direct investment flows and improve manufacturing and industrial development.

This is because global businesses are always looking for places with certain characteristics, such as easy market access through geographic location or labor force availability. These are all advantages that Mexico has over other countries. Thus, here at VYNMSA we would like to assist you in settling in this country.

Not only are we members of AMPIP, we are also one of the leading industrial real estate developers in Mexico. Plus, we have over 30 years of experience and have delivered over 500 projects to fully satisfied international clients. We are also fully equipped to assist you in developing your BTS projects. All while offering lease and sale solutions that always have a win-win approach.

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