The Growth in Querétaro: Unleashing Industrial Expansion

Located in central Mexico, Queretaro state has undergone a remarkable growth in recent years, especially in terms of industrial activity, establishing itself as an enticing destination for both domestic and international enterprises. In this article, we unveil the reasons behind this flourishing expansion and the manifold benefits it has bestowed upon the region.

Industrial Growth in Queretaro

Geographically Gifted: Embrace Queretaro’s Prime Location

Strategically Positioned: Queretaro boasts a privileged geographical location, making it a key logistics and trade hub. Situated near Mexico City, a pivotal link between major cities in the country, this strategic position facilitates the seamless transportation of goods and efficient distribution of products on a national and international scale. As a result, numerous companies have been drawn to establish their presence in the region, solidifying the Bajío area as a driving force for the country’s manufacturing, maintenance, repair, and intricate processes. The growing interest from businesses has sparked a surge in industrial parks. At VYNMSA, we offer prime locations in Queretaro, perfectly tailored for companies seeking to launch their operations in this thriving region:

Empowering Progress: Unleashing the Potential of First-Class Infrastructure

The state of Queretaro has made significant investments in improving its infrastructure to meet the needs of industrial companies. Roads, highways, and railways have been constructed and modernized to streamline cargo transportation. Moreover, the state boasts industrial parks that offer top-notch facilities and services, enabling businesses to thrive with efficiency. This quality infrastructure has played a decisive role in attracting industrial investments to the region. Queretaro has emerged as the leading recipient of aerospace investments in the country, securing 24% of foreign investment in this sector, according to data from the Ministry of Economy (SE). As a result, VYNMSA has become one of the active industrial real estate companies in the region, offering readily available industrial warehouses for lease in Queretaro. Our buildings come with various expansion options, allowing us to tailor them to the unique needs and requirements of each of our clients.

Queretaro’s Skilled Workforce: Driving Industrial Excellence

In addition to its other remarkable attributes, Querétaro boasts a highly trained and skilled workforce, setting it apart as a regional powerhouse in the industrial landscape. Collaborating closely with businesses, universities, and educational institutions in the region have orchestrated tailor-made training and development programs that align precisely with industry demands. As a result, the region has cultivated a workforce adept in areas such as manufacturing, engineering, technology, and logistics. Embracing this pool of talented individuals, companies thrive on the advantage of skilled labor, propelling the industrial activity in Querétaro to new heights.

According to the State Occupational Quality and Competence Index (ICCOE), Queretaro proudly ranks in the second position among the states with the highest labor quality in the country. This stellar standing speaks volumes about the state’s commitment to nurturing and empowering its workforce, making it a compelling destination for businesses seeking a competitive edge.

Queretaro’s unparalleled combination of cutting-edge infrastructure and a skilled talent pool has firmly cemented its status as a magnet for industrial investment and innovation, making it a beacon of progress in the Mexican economic landscape.

At VYNMSA, we proudly operate in the Bajio region, offering a ready-to-occupy industrial inventory complete with all the services your company needs for a successful operation. The staggering growth of industrial activity in Querétaro has dramatically transformed the region into a prominent industrial hub in Mexico. The combination of a strategic location, top-notch infrastructure, and a skilled workforce has played a pivotal role in attracting investments and fueling industrial development within the state. As industrial activity continues to thrive, Querétaro emerges as a key economic engine in the country, generating employment, opportunities, and a promising future for the region.

At VYNMSA, we are committed to providing top-tier infrastructure for various industrial sectors across the nation. Since 1994, we have been crafting solutions for companies seeking to establish their presence in Querétaro and other regions of the country. Our footprint spans the northeastern and Bajío regions of Mexico, with 36 strategic industrial locations spread across five states: Coahuila, Guanajuato, San Luis Potosí, Nuevo León, and Querétaro. Grow with VYNMSA and propel your business forward. Contact us, and we’ll be your trusted advisors.

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