The industrial investment in Monterrey

The ratification of the USMCA has improved investment along the US-MX border

Monterrey, A.K.A. the Northern Sultana, has always been known as an industrial, hard-working city. Since its foundation the city was deemed Mexico’s industrial capital, a name that it has proven to be worthy of. This industrial culture is one of the reasons why the industrial investment in Monterrey has always been growing, even through hard times.

Recently, the ratification of the USMCA has piqued the investors interests on the city. According to CBRE México, on the first trimester of 2020, around 168,000 m² of land were commercialized with and 462,000 m² of land were used for construction in Monterrey. This is a reflection of the industrial investment the city has been receiving.

As around 10 Chinese companies are looking for land plots in the city due to how close to the US it is, it is apparent that Monterrey has the market stability, infrastructure, geographic position, and connectivity needed to conduct national and international business. It is estimated that this tendency will continue as new Chinese investors are attracted to the city.

Monterrey is the most diverse manufacturing market in Mexico. The demand for inventory buildings due to logistics and number of commerce companies will grow in the next years as people starts to trust more in what they buy” stated CBRE.

Nevertheless, the USMCA brings certainty to investors as it gives them a preferential access to a market with clear rules, thus impulsing the industrial investment in Monterrey.

Those who had projects in stand by feel comfortable with it because most of the companies installed in industrial parks are focused on export manufacturing and need that their working space let them work easily in the long run” affirmed Claudia Ávila, general director of the Mexican Association of Private Industrial Parks (AMPIP).

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