The advantage of manufacturing using IoT

Implementing industrial IoT is a gateway to discrete manufacturing

Like a page taken out of a science-fiction book, the Internet of Things (IoT), in simple terms, makes it possible for devices speak to each other and make a big communication net. These can go from everyday appliances to sophisticated industrial machines. It is estimated that around 10 million devices are connected to each other using this technology.

What can the Internet of Things make possible? Some of the advances made possible by this technology are: cloud computing platforms, machine learning and analytics, conversational AI (such as Siri or Alexa), and many more.

These are some common uses of the IoT:

  • Smart Cities
  • Smart digital supply chains
  • Smart electric grids
  • Smart manufacturing
  • Preventive and predictive maintenance

And, exactly how important is the Internet of Things for manufacturing? It is a key technology to enter industry 4.0, the next industrial revolution. The Industrial IoT can fully automate a manufacturing warehouse making them reprogrammable and controllable from anywhere in the world.

The advantage of manufacturing using IoT

Theoretically speaking, an auto parts manufacturing plant in Mexico could be controlled from, let’s say, Japan, without the need of any physical imput or human interaction. This allows for a quicker market adjustment, as if there is a higher demand for any given part, the machines can be repurposed easily.

Furthermore, discrete manufacturing is predicted to be the largest percentage of industrial IoT platforms and will outpace batch and process manufacturing. This allows companies to pursue make-to-stock, make-to-order, and assembly-to-order production strategies.

There is no doubt, the future is today. With such great advantages in communication technology and the world entering the new industrial revolution, it is no doubt that settling in a country that is investing in technology is crucial to keep on moving forward. Thus, here at VYNMSA we would like to assist you settling in Mexico.

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