Japanese companies in Mexico

The commercial relationship between Japan and Mexico is more than 60 years, with around 1,200 companies installed in the country and a strong synergy has been achieved between both countries. The geographic, political, and skilled labor advantages in Mexico have made it possible for Japanese companies to establish themselves in Mexico.

Japanese companies in Mexico

In this article, we will share with you different Japanese companies in Mexico, especially companies from the manufacturing and automotive sectors.


Mazda Motor Corporation is a Japanese automobile manufacturer, founded in 1920, headquartered in Hiroshima, with plants in Hiroshima, Nishinoura, Nakanoseki, and Miyoshi, Japan. A new $770USD million investment in Salamanca generates 4,600 direct jobs. In addition, more than 10 affiliated suppliers have expanded into Mexico, creating more jobs.


Honda Motor Co., Ltd. is a Japanese company that manufactures automobiles, propellants for land, water, and air vehicles, motorcycles, robots, and components for the automotive industry. With an investment of $800 million, it generates 3,200 direct jobs. In September 2013, a transmission manufacturing plant was built in Celaya, Guanajuato, with an investment of $470 million.


Denso is a Japanese multinational company whose core business is the manufacture of automotive components. One of the world’s leading automotive-related companies. It produces automotive air conditioners, radiators, sensors, etc. The investment is $108.4 million and 874 new employees are hired.


A company specialized in the manufacture of steering equipment and hydraulic shock absorbers, with two production bases in Guanajuato. It is one of the world’s leading suppliers of steering equipment and offers products that take full advantage of vibration control and power control technology focused on hydraulic pressure.

Kasai Kogyo

It is a manufacturer of interior parts for automobiles, its main customers are Nissan, Honda, Mazda, etc. It currently has two plants in Guanajuato and employs 1,669 people. It began operations in the city of Leon in 1999.


Omron’s core business is the manufacture and sale of industrial automation components, equipment, and systems, but it is best known for its electronic medical equipment such as digital thermometers, blood pressure monitors, blood pressure monitors, and nebulizers. With offices in more than 100 countries around the world, the investment in Guanajuato is $30 million and 400 new employees.


It is a manufacturer of high-performance parts such as suspensions for automobiles, motorcycles, and outboard motors located in Gyoda, Saitama in Japan. The investment in the construction of the Silao plant is US$50 million and 645 new employees.

Toyoda Gosei

Manufactures and sells resin parts for automobile interiors and exteriors. Among the Japanese companies in Guanajuato, there are various production items such as handles, cup holders, radiator grills, console boxes, and fuel filler pipes. In 2014, a new factory was built in the city of Irapuato with an investment of $67 million, generating 280 jobs.

Okawa Seisui Kogyo

A Company with an integrated system for the development, manufacture, and sale of various metal parts for automobiles. Established in the city of Irapuato with an investment of 30 million dollars.

Furukawa Denko

An automotive parts manufacturer that manufactures and sells wire harnesses (assembled cables). A $5 million investment in the city of Acambaro will build a factory and generate 1,000 jobs.

Mexico is a country with a thriving manufacturing industry. In Mexico, many Japanese companies are developing their businesses, mainly in the automotive-related manufacturing industry. Many finished vehicle manufacturers such as Toyota, Honda, Nissan, and Mazda and their affiliated companies have manufacturing bases in Mexico.

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