The manufacturing industry in Mexico adapted to 2020

Implementing new strategies can optimize production lines

The manufacturing industry was one of the most affected by the COVID-19. The Mexican Manufacturing Orders Indicator (IMP) stated that this industry started 2020 growing. But, within the last couple of months it has been taken down a notch by the pandemic.

Luckily, the manufacturing industry is getting back on its feet, but not in the very same way it was before as it needs to adapt to the new normality. What does this mean? At first, companies of this sector can only operate from Monday to Thursday, after 10 am.

Furthermore, companies with over 30 employees need to apply COVID-19 tests to 5% of their employees. Whenever there is a new case, the infected person and everyone that had contact with them will need to go on isolation for 14 days. Plus, companies need to download, from a government website, and print a document in which they state they will comply with the new guidelines.

Plus, as the new normality sets in, there are some factors that companies within the manufacturing industry need to be aware of, as these could be affecting them in the near future.

The effect of different commercial and tariff scenarios and the chance of manufacturers changing their way of operating.The new characteristics of business cycles and where could the manufacturers develop resilience to withstand market changes.

How prepared the labor force need to be to match the constantly changing working environment and the technological improvements.Where should manufacturers focus their short terms efforts and what can be done accelerate the automatization of their processes

Adapting to the new normality is not only essential to prevent new COVID-19 cases, but it can also optimize production lines. Mexico is working on adapting its manufacturing industry to the new normality. Hence, here at VYNMSA we would like to assist you in settling in this country.

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