How to save energy in industry?

Energy saving in industrial enterprises is a set of measures aimed at increasing the volume of manufactured products with constant consumption of fuel and raw materials or reducing energy consumption with constant production capacity.

aving energy in industry

In industrial enterprises, the issue of energy saving is especially relevant, because energy costs in manufacturing enterprises account for up to 50% of the total cost. Saving energy in industry is of utmost importance, both for the company and for society; discover the different ways to save energy that you can apply in your company:

Simple ways to save energy in your company

One of the most effective energy-saving methods is the rational use of both natural and artificial lighting, which can be implemented without significantly impacting financial costs, by performing the following activities:

  1. Use light colors; Painting walls and ceilings with light colors increases the reflectivity of the surfaces, which leads to an increase in the level of illumination of the spaces.
  2. Keep windows, floors, and walls clean. Dust and dirt particles absorb light, blocking its passage. Replace incandescent bulbs with LED or fluorescent lamps.
  3. Control the cleanliness of artificial lighting devices.
  4. Replace defective lamps in a timely manner.

By applying these simple but useful tips, you can help your company save millions of pesos annually. Practice shows that by applying these electricity-saving methods in a company, it is possible to reduce electricity consumption by up to 15%.

Organizational ways to save energy

Did you know that an industry can save up to 30% in energy consumption if it is trained and promotes a correct culture among its employees on the rational use of electrical devices, it is also important to identify sites in production where there are areas of opportunity to improve efficiency on the control of electricity consumption; for this, it is essential to have the proper measurement and develop a set of rules that allow the company to save energy. Recommendations:

  1. Create a position that is responsible for energy care in the work team, promoting the development and application of rules for the use, control, and preventive measures for energy control.
  2. Install devices that allow us to measure electricity usage and costs.
  3. Improve lighting inside work areas.
  4. Train personnel on efficient electricity consumption.
  5. Keep a monthly record of consumption and savings techniques applied.
  6. Introduce regulations on the use of computers and office equipment, especially when they are not in use.
  7. Limit the increase in maximum power and do not allow it without a special permit.
  8. Replace obsolete equipment with energy-efficient ones.
  9. Introduce automatic systems to control and measure electricity consumption.
  10. Organize and make extensive use of localized lighting zones, while reducing the use of primary lighting.
  11. Divide the general lighting zones into groups, each of which is switched on and off separately.
  12. Avoid the excessive use of heating devices.
  13. Make the most of natural light, abandoning the use of curtains and blinds.

The use of organizational methods to save energy in a company leads to an increase in the efficiency of resource use, a decrease in overall costs and, as a result, an increase in the profitability of the organization.

Savings methods with technical means

Energy consumption can be reduced using special technical means. With the obvious benefits of its installation, implementation will initially require financial investments. However, savings can reach 15-20% of total electricity consumption, so this investment is quickly amortized. The following systems or equipment can be implemented to reduce consumption:

  • Automatic control systems for lighting devices. The operation of the lamps is regulated by motion sensors, time programming and presence sensors.
  • Performance tuning systems for industrial equipment based on frequency converters.
  • Soft starters improve energy efficiency by reducing inrush currents. In addition, there is a decrease in the load on the equipment and a decrease in the probability of its failure at the start and stop times of the electric motors.

The importance of energy saving in companies represents one of the main methods to make resources more efficient and reduce costs; the particular circumstances of each company must be taken into account in order to incorporate the best practices. The selection of an infrastructure for your factory is relevant to have a better use of the spaces and a correct electrical installation that allows to put into practice the mentioned recommendations.

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