What is an industrial building?

An industrial building or industrial hall can be referred to if the functionality of the building allows the production process to run as smoothly and cost-effectively as possible. In addition to construction costs, planning also takes into account management costs and cost savings in the production chain. Industrial buildings are mainly found in the manufacturing, chemical, mining and metallurgical sectors.

 industrial building

Construction of an industrial building

The structure of an industrial building depends mainly on the materials/goods to be produced and their individual processing steps. If, after about 30 years of operation, a certain section is no longer sufficiently economical, it can be assumed that the entire production section will be renovated. This also applies to the life cycle of the building.

In many cases, parts of the production line are renovated in certain cycles to avoid a costly total breakdown of the production line and to adapt the production line.

When constructing an industrial building, the use of the property must be considered, if the industrial building is subject to precise requirements of authorities or legal guidelines. The manufacturing industry in particular often has to observe special requirements when constructing an industrial building. These are specified by the responsible authorities.

Industrial building layout

Industrial buildings have the task of combining many work steps under one roof. A distinction is made here between two types of buildings and building sections. The main business is in the so-called production or assembly halls, which are used in the production or product refinement areas.
The office areas in the production and assembly halls, on the other hand, are generally limited to the smaller offices of the warehouse manager or converted mezzanine areas in the halls themselves. This structure, in turn, allows for a smooth and seamless workflow in both areas.

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