Where to manufacture in Mexico?

Mexico is an important economic hub for the movement of goods and manufacturing points for large companies. It has interesting economic regions that benefit the development of specific industries. Below are the most relevant areas for manufacturing in Mexico:

Metal processing in northern Mexico

The metalworking industry settled years ago on the border with the United States, in the Mexican state of Nuevo León. Countless corporations have already opened a branch in Monterrey, the capital city. One of the advantages of the location is the proximity to the U.S. market, since 84% of exports go to the neighboring country.

Automotive and aerospace industries in the Bajio region

Located in the region known as the Bajío, the states of Aguascalientes, Guanajuato, Queretaro and San Luis Potosi are among the most popular areas for locating automakers. Strong growth potential is forecast for the aviation industry in the coming years, which could attract more foreign direct investment.

Where to manufacture in Mexico?

Chemical industry in the central region

Many companies have opted for the location near the Mexican capital, Mexico City when choosing their Mexican headquarters. The central location, the proximity to the Bajío region, and the good structure make this region the most chosen for companies in the chemical industry.

Jalisco, Mexico’s Silicon Valley

Highlighting a great growth in fintech companies and high-quality software developers, companies in the IT sector have settled mainly in the state of Jalisco, which is located west of the Pacific Ocean.

Puebla – Automotive Mecca from the beginning

The Volkswagen group has been producing individual models in Puebla since the mid-1960s. Meanwhile, the German car manufacturer Audi has also settled in the state of the same name, more precisely in the town of San José Chiapa. The new production plant, including the training center, was inaugurated there more than a year and a half ago.

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