Cenntro Electric Group inaugurates its new subsidiary Cennatic Power Inc at our park OMA VYNMSA AERO Industrial Park

Cenntro Electric Group is a Leader in Commercial Electric Vehicle Sales and Production. “A revolutionary commercial EV technology company with advanced, market-validated commercial vehicles. Cenntro leads transformation in the auto industry through scalable, decentralized production and fully digitalized autonomous driving solutions empowered by the Cenntro iChassis.” This will be the first sentence you will see when you open the official Cenntro Electric Group Limited website.

For this dark horse in the commercial EV technology industry, Cenntro is growing at an astonishing rate with worldwide attention. Its chairman and CEO Peter Wang led the company’s listing on the Nasdaq in New York on December 30, 2021. As a legend in the Asian investment community, Peter Wang has keenly selected Monterrey, Mexico as the place to invest this year. They will establish an independent operating unit and wholly-owned U.S. subsidiary, Cennatic Power Inc. (“Cennatic”), to manufacture advanced lithium-ion batteries for its electric commercial vehicles in this city with excellent investment potential.

VYNMSA, as Cennatic’s industrial real estate partner in Monterrey, Mexico, leased a 10,436 sqm factory in the third quarter of this year to Cenntro. The building is strategically located within the OMA VYNMSA AERO Industrial Park, inside airport grounds, just 2.9 kilometers from the Monterrey International Airport. This Park was inaugurated in 2014 and has available buildings for lease and enough land for BTS projects, this complex is good for manufacturing, aerospace, automotive, logistics, and Technology companies.

In the process of business cooperation with Cenntro, we adhere to the core concept of on budget, on time, as promise, and always bringing the most sincere and efficient service to customers. At the same time, we would also like to thank Cenntro for their trust in us, they are the active promoters of VYNMSA’s development towards an international industrial real estate company. At the same time, we would also like to thank all our business partners who participated in this cooperation, they are our most reliable support.

VYNMSA is one of the leading industrial real estate developers in Mexico. In addition, we are able to develop your Build To Suit or custom projects. We actively work with industrial real estate brokers as business partners, we have around 20 buildings of inventory ready for immediate occupancy, which adds up to around 2 million square feet of built space in the northeast and bajio region of Mexico.

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