Characteristics of a sustainable company

The topic of sustainability has gone from being a trend to a new corporate strategy, which is well received by customers and business partners. However, it is crucial to know what characteristics a sustainable company has and how authentic its implementation is.

If you want to establish a sustainable company or switch to sustainability, you cannot simply use green electricity and then go into other business areas. Because there must be certain factors for sustainable companies to be clearly seen as a green company by customers and business partners. Therefore, the following characteristics are crucial:

Elaboration of sustainability aspects: sustainable companies first have to find out where there are actually environmental impacts and where there are not.

Development of a sustainability strategy: All processes that can be adjusted within the company must be recorded in an official document.

Enabling sustainability competence: Sustainability can only be implemented if employees also have the opportunity to understand and implement the new approaches. Lectures or practical exercises are available for this purpose.

Designing a sustainable corporate culture: Only when sustainability is part of discussions, personal goals and daily work, sustainable companies can implement their approaches in the long term.
Resource neutrality: Sustainable companies try to save as many resources as possible, so they use less water or electricity, for example. But avoiding plastic is also crucial.

Sustainable development: For a sustainable strategy, it is not enough to use fewer resources. That is why sustainable companies attach importance to anchoring sustainability as a vision in corporate objectives and to developing additional measures.

The specific measures vary from company to company and are defined individually by sustainable companies. Sustainability alone is not enough for companies to remain successful in the long term, but the rethinking of climate and environmental protection is increasing the demand for sustainable products and customers are willing to pay reasonable prices for it. Therefore, it is worthwhile for companies to dare to make the change and communicate a green strategy. However, as a sustainable company, it is important not only to change in the short term, but to present a sensible strategy that benefits both customers and business partners.

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