Taking a bite out of the food industry in Mexico

The Mexican food industry is fast approaching to enter Industry 4.0

There are things we all share in common. We, as many other organisms, need to eat and drink to maintain sustenance. Curiously, as we evolved and thrived in societies, we developed a different signature cuisine that tells a story of each of our cultures. Soon, when preservation methods met with technology, it all became the food industry. Just as it’s regional dishes, the food industry in Mexico is rich and vast.

Mexico has the third largest food industry in the Americas and it is estimated that its worth could reach $35B USD by 2021.

This is vastly helped by the country’s great agricultural soil.  As USA’s ex Secretary of Agriculture, Dan Glickman, stated: “Mexico has an edge on this industry due to its climate, geography, and location. It can produce a lot of food, fruits, and vegetables, that people would like to eat.”

Furthermore, the food industry in Mexico is also starting to enter Industry 4.0. This will exponentially increase the efficiency of food production while decreasing costs, making it an even sweeter deal. Nonetheless, innovation is needed to give this step. 

“Both, public and private sectors, need to invest in new technologies […] Usually, the private sector invests more in these technologies and the government ends up buying them, but they both need to invest” added Glickman.

Nevertheless, food exports reach $20B USD. According to the Spanish food exposition, Alimentaria, in 2018 alone, Mexico exported around €254M to Spain which was a 17% increase than the previous year. Plus, Mexico had the biggest LATAM representation on the last Alimentaria expo. This goes to show how rapidly the food industry in Mexico is growing.

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