How to be a pleasant company for its employees?

Corporate culture has a completely different meaning today than it did 50 years ago. It has become a means of competitive advantage, primarily in how companies with better workplaces can hire better talent. In addition, corporate culture is a media sorting tool for large corporations, e.g., Silicon Valley tech startups are criticized for being “boys’ clubs.”

Customers and potential employees are increasingly concerned about the quality of daily life at a given company, as they directly affect the quality of the goods or services the company creates. Manufacturing companies can handle the day-to-day physically demanding roles and monotonous procedures that manufacturing jobs sometimes require.

How to be a pleasant company for its employees

Happy employees benefit everyone in the business. We share with you 5 ways to make your organizational culture more appealing to your employees:

1. Encourage workers to stay fit and healthy.

It is a fact backed by science that regular exercise releases endorphins in the body. This directly affects work processes; tasks are performed more efficiently if workers are healthy and physically fit. Take advantage of this by implementing programs that reward your employees for staying in good shape.
Many U.S. companies are participating in the national fitness trend by creating workplace wellness programs. This is often characterized by companies taking an interest in the health of their employees and using physical activity tracking technology to do so.

Many employees will love a place to work where they can earn a living and take care of their health. A company that cares about the good health of its employees outside of their business function will, in turn, have more efficient and productive employees. There are other programs that fit this advice, but they are less permanent than devices that track physical activity or the on-site gym. An example would be a yoga class in an optimal space that can be adopted in-house.

2. Creation of team-building opportunities.

Team building efforts can be an incredibly useful tool that can be used to foster camaraderie among colleagues. Workers who bond with each other are more likely to work in harmony or effectively resolve problems when conflicts arise. Manufacturing workers will enjoy their jobs more if they genuinely like the people they spend time with. For example, optimization or cost-saving projects can be carried out in teams seeking to improve the performance of production areas or processes.
Regardless of your role in a manufacturing company, the ability to collaborate and communicate is beneficial to any position, and this is what contributes to team building.

3. Respect the personal safety of your employees.

Manufacturing is a process-activity that could have situations that could present danger to the employee. Employees will be more comfortable working for a company in which the company acts as a promoter of the personal safety of its employees. This can be done in several ways.
First, there must be a zero-tolerance policy when it comes to deviations from occupational health and safety standards. Companies should encourage workers to educate themselves on the new rules, or even sponsor paid seminars that help explain the limits of physical risk in a work environment. Employees should always feel comfortable.

Protective equipment is an important preventative measure that manufacturing industries should take for the safety of their employees. Workers can become accustomed to a certain level of physical risk on the job, but they should never feel that they are putting themselves at risk.

4. Active breaks.

Active breaks are short breaks scheduled during the workday that will serve the employee to recover energy, improve concentration and performance at work, through different techniques and exercises that help reduce work fatigue, musculoskeletal disorders and prevent stress.

Stretching can be within these active breaks, they are ideal for employee breaks since they do not need to move from their workplace to participate and activate. A few minutes is enough time for stretching to be effective, so it can be easily incorporated into your daily work schedule.

Training can be in a pyramid scheme where coordinators can take health professional courses to understand and know how they could implement this type of activity on the production line. In addition, employees who so desire can take active breaks in their free time to foster an active culture inside and outside your organization.

5. Celebrate special events.

Celebrating special occasions in a unique way makes employees feel part of something special and gives them a sense of belonging. Many workplaces have a birthday calendar and take turns giving pleasure by congratulating their colleagues who are celebrating another lap in the sun.

The company anniversary toast is another example of a form of celebration and fellowship within the organization. Celebrating different dates that are important for business or personal professional development creates a sense of unity among employees at different levels.

There are many ways to improve the work environment for your employees and overtime, these activities are also part of an investment in the companies’ human capital. In manufacturing companies, a large part of the staff directly impacts the company’s bottom line and by following these recommendations you can create a better work environment.

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