How to measure your company’s productivity?

Labor productivity is an economic parameter that reflects the volume and efficiency of employees. The question of how to achieve optimal productivity is always relevant, and the task is very difficult. It is not easy to immediately identify the factors affecting the professional activity of specialists and the result of their effort in relation to the salary received.

Company productivity

Why is the evaluation of labor productivity necessary?

Market conditions are constantly changing, supply and demand are dynamic, so the analysis of the overall situation by result must be constantly performed. Local economics is the key to improving operating results, including through the reduction of measured costs. Avoidable costs can really be identified by only one method: determining the coefficient of current labor productivity of each specialist and each department.

How to increase current labor productivity

If you realize that employees are not performing their job responsibilities as efficiently as possible and that their pay does not match the output, you need to take action.

Employee Motivation

Increasing employee productivity and average annual production depends to a large extent on the availability of a system of bonuses and incentives. If a specialist knows that for quality work wages are higher due to bonuses, he will work harder. Interest is the basis of performance.

Raising the qualification of specialists

The quality of work is determined, among other things, by the level of professional knowledge, which may be lacking. Courses and training programs allow you to maintain a high level of expertise in your organization, which naturally leads to higher work efficiency.

Optimization of logistic processes

If you constantly have problems with the supply of raw materials and transportation of the finished product, then other solutions will not be effective. Qualified logistics significantly reduces costs and accelerates the achievement of results.

Implementation of automated solutions

Achieving an average parameter from a robotic line is sometimes much more effective than getting a high indicator from a live employee. With respect to routine operations, the comparison in terms of speed and marriage minimization will not be in favor of a person.

Improving conditions

An important point to consider is that an optimal work environment can lead to increased productivity, such as, for example, having furniture in good condition, good lighting, as well as the right work tools, providing a healthy and safe environment for employees, this contributes to make them feel good and help increase productivity and performance in their activities.

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