Floors in industrial buildings by industry

Floors are required in many different ways in industrial plants. Consequently, it is important to select a suitable flooring system, from the primer to the topcoat to the sealing. Below we show you the recommended characteristics of different industries.

Industrial Floors

Recommended flooring by industry

Mechanical Engineering Floors

The floors of mechanical engineering companies have to withstand enormous mechanical stresses on a daily basis. Mass production facilities as well as the transport and storage of heavy loads lead to point or area loads. Safety at work and environmental protection are equally important. Our halls have floors that are highly resistant to static and dynamic loads. They can be driven with the usual transport and storage vehicles as well as with driverless transport systems.

Floors for the electrical industry

For many manufacturing companies, protection against electrostatic discharge is crucial for defect-free end products. These sensitive areas receive, among other things, a conductive floor covering. Various systems ensure the protection of sensitive electronic components against electrostatic discharges and protect people from electric shocks.

Floors for the Chemical Industry

The use of floor coatings in the chemical industry seals concrete floors in systems for handling water-polluting media. They prevent harmful substances from entering water bodies, which is of great importance for compliance with environmental regulations.

Flooring for the automotive industry

High mechanical resilience flooring is recommended for production areas and circulation routes. In addition, the use of dissipative flooring for automated assembly lines. Chemical-resistant flooring for hazardous goods warehouses or paint shops.

Floors for the pharmaceutical industry

Pharmaceutical products are manufactured under controlled environmental conditions. Therefore, floors should only have low particulate emissions. Other important properties are:

  • Good cleaning capacity
  • Good disinfectability
  • Good decontaminability
  • Chemical resistance
  • Microbicidal
  • Optical
  • Slip resistance

Flooring for medical technology

Medical technology products are extremely sensitive. Some of them are manufactured and packaged under clean room conditions. This protects patient health and ensures product functionality. Hygiene is the top priority. Therefore, floors must be low-emission and abrasion-resistant, easy to clean and resistant to disinfectants.

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