The great industrial transformation in Guanajuato

It did it once, it will do it again. Guanajuato shows that it knows how to transform an industry

Guanajuato has always been associated with riches and industry. It was so full of wealth that its original Chichimeca name was Mo-o-ti, roughly translated to “place of shiny metals”, as precious metals could be found exposed through the mountain side. Today, the state has the fourth biggest industry in Mexico and, thanks to the industrial transformation in Guanajuato, it has the spotlight on innovation.

Governor Diego Sinhue Rodríguez Vallejo stated that this industrial transformation has been spearheaded by the implementation of a triple helix model that incorporates universities, government, and the private sector.

In October 2019, Hannover Messe, Industrial Transformation Mexico industrial fair took place in León, Guanajuato, flooding the state with new opportunities. In the short run, the Governor said, the knowledge generated by this fair will be implemented in developing several manufacturing chains and industrial technologies.

Furthemore, Leon city Mayor, Héctor López Santillana, stated that, thanks to this fair, Guanajuato will be able to enter Industry 4.0. “It’s an important step towards the knowledge era that will transform this region and the whole country” added Rodríguez Vallejo.

Although, the industrial transformation in Guanajuato is nothing new. The state’s main industry used to be agriculture, but it successfully transitioned to focusing on the automotive industry, thus becoming the epicenter of this industry in Mexico.

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