Main benefits sought by workers in manufacturing industries

The manufacturing sector has one of the highest turnover rates. One of the main reasons for this phenomenon is the mismatch between the benefits offered by employers in this sector and the benefits desired by workers.

Principales beneficios buscados por los trabajadores en las industrias manufactureras

Competitive salary and benefits

The average salary of a manufacturing employee is $15,248 MXN per month. Therefore, it makes sense for workers to receive incentives from the employer, even for relatively minor wage increases. Non-cash benefits are also important for manufacturing workers. Many employees do not have access to basic statutory benefits. Only 40% of manufacturing workers said they had access to vacation time, 57% said their employer offered health benefits, and 41% said their employer offered flexible work schedules.

A good work-life balance

Manufacturing can be a physically taxing industry for workers. Many manufacturing employees spend long hours on their feet in active roles that require them to perform repetitive tasks that can be exhausting. Therefore, it is understandable that workers must have balance in their work to include active breaks. When working in a physically demanding job, it is important that you can benefit from sufficient time off to rest, recuperate and feel safe at work. Many workers in these sectors also have families and children, and the opportunity to spend time with family and socialize outside of work is important to them.

Occupational safety

Job security is another important consideration for manufacturing workers. Workers in lower-wage positions often live day-to-day, so it is important that they have a role in which they feel secure. They often look for employers who can offer them guaranteed work. Workers often prefer permanent or long-term positions, as well as guaranteed full-time jobs or permanent positions that don’t change from week to week. If you rely on the flexibility of temporary workers, it is important to offer them regular schedules and ensure that they feel secure in their ability to access work as often as possible.

A pleasant working environment

Work culture is also important in any industry. Workers spend a lot of time at work every day, so it makes sense for them to seek an environment where they feel they are part of a team, have opportunities for growth and/or a career plan. Younger generations, in particular, prioritize work culture, sometimes even more than their salary. If they don’t feel like they fit in or that the company’s values don’t align with theirs, they are ready to move on as soon as possible.

Professional development opportunities

As employees acquire skills and become experts in their field, they seek opportunities for promotion to management or supervisory positions. Companies with strong internal promotion structures tend to create stronger teams and happier employees.

When employees reach a limit in their role, being able to be transferred to other areas to perform different internal functions can be a great benefit and increase their retention rate. Thus, if an employee finds that his or her role is no longer satisfactory, he or she has other possibilities for advancement, in addition to seeking other job offers. Providing opportunities for advancement is a win-win solution, promoting internally helps build a strong talent pool, where the employee already knows the business well and needs less training to get up to speed.

These are some of the benefits that manufacturing workers expect to receive from the company and their employers.

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