Manufacturing in Monterrey

Monterrey is the capital of Nuevo Leon, a state in northern Mexico, bordering the United States. The area surrounding the capital is a region known as the “Monterrey metropolitan area”, a place known for its industrial economic development, which in the last 5 years has maintained an average annual growth rate of 10% in the manufacturing sector.

Manufacturing strengths in Monterrey

By 2021, manufacturing in Monterrey was the industry with the best economic growth opportunities and despite the complications of the pandemic, manufacturing in Monterrey generated 33% of new jobs. Thanks to strengths such as workforce readiness, employee skills, ability to adapt to new technologies, it produces 30% of the state’s gross domestic product.

One of the pillars of the manufacturing industry is the automotive industry, since it is home to 40% of the production of automotive parts in the country. The outlook for growth in this sector is positive, due to a better integration of the supply chains of this type of companies and the search for local suppliers.

Manufacturing Challenges in Monterrey

Among the challenges facing the Monterrey economy is the return to pre-pandemic normalcy. While companies have established protocols to operate safely, it is critical to monitor for any future outbreaks to protect the health of employees and keep production lines running.
Manufacturing exports in Monterrey

The proximity to the United States facilitates the logistics of products manufactured in Mexico, where Nuevo León represents 9.65% of national exports. And to further highlight the importance of production, 99.6% of exports are related to manufacturing, making it the state with the greatest economic dependence on the manufacturing sector and industry.

Manufacturing industry highlights in Monterrey

Different types of products are produced in the region, making it an advantage in terms of the industries located in Monterrey. The manufacturing of transportation parts stands out with close to 30% of production, electrical generation equipment with approximately 20% and the manufacturing of electrical appliances with 10%.

Industrial complexes for manufacturing in Nuevo León

Nuevo León has the presence of large companies such as Whirlpool, Metalsa, MD Helicopters, Lear, Lenovo, Lego, Walmart, Nemak, Carrier, among others.

The state of Nuevo Leon has more than 700 companies installed in different industrial parks in the metropolitan area, class A and B parks. More than 20 companies specializing in the creation of industrial parks have been in charge of building and enabling them so that manufacturing, distribution or warehousing companies can run their operations optimally.

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