Rainy season prevention for the factory

The frequency and effects of extreme weather events are increasing as a result of climate change. Due to higher temperatures and evaporation, the risk of flooding and heavy rainfall in particular is increasing. This also has an impact on the work of industrial real estate manufacturers: they have a duty to point out the specific risks of their construction project and propose appropriate protection measures.

Rainy season prevention for the factory

Prevention in slope, depressions and other events

Because the floodplains shown on the development plan may not only be outdated; they often do not indicate certain hazards at all. These are, above all, flood zones as a result of heavy rainfall. Our industrial parks are prepared for these inconveniences by selecting locations corresponding to the use and treating it correctly.

When it rains heavily, extremely large amounts of rainfall in an area in a short period of time. Urban flash floods then often occur: rainwater comes to the surface in an uncontrolled manner because the sewage systems are overloaded and the infiltration systems can only absorb part of the water.

If the building and exterior installations are not designed for such a case, significant damage to the building, the building structure and the supporting structure will occur. We, therefore, recommend careful selection of the builder or manager of the industrial complex.

Preventive measures for rain

The following measures, among others, can be used to prevent and protect property from damage caused by heavy rains:

  • Select properties with water-sensitive design: open areas, create additional retention and infiltration areas.
  • Include systems to specifically collect and drain water.
  • Look for buildings with elevated layouts and shielding of buildings.
  • Waterproofing the building with water-resistant materials.
  • Provide building openings of sufficient height.
  • Sealing of windows and low openings, securing of basement voids, installation of backflow protection.
  • Minimize possible damage in case of water ingress (storage of higher-value properties on upper floors, building services)

Economic consideration is necessary when choosing measures, as many are associated with additional costs. Proper planning can reduce the risk of damage and the enormous costs resulting from rainfall damage.

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