Use of scrum in construction

In the business world, as well as among architects and engineers, agility is one of the new buzzwords. Working agile means that you leave out everything unnecessary and choose the shortest path to your goal. Teams working in short project units often use a method like Scrum, which allows them to react flexibly to changes.

Use of scrum in construction

Projects are managed in an efficient and customer-oriented manner thanks to lean decision-making processes in engineering or architecture offices. The team is given the greatest possible powers and is highly organized.

How engineers and architects work with Scrum

Agile project management methods such as Scrum can help engineers and architects where classical project management reaches its limits. The essential elements are initially unknown to many engineering and architectural offices:

  • There is no such thing as a well-planned project where the end goal is fixed. Instead, the team works repeatedly at a certain pace and constantly adapts the project approach to new customer requirements or changing external conditions.
  • The team works at a fixed pace, e.g. weekly sprints, in which they rotate coordination with the customer and work on the project.
  • During the sprint, the team works together in space and time. It is not disturbed by external influences and can work in a concentrated manner.
  • The Scrum Master ensures that the team can work without interruptions and is responsible for equipping the team members and eliminating disruptive factors.
  • After each sprint, the team presents its progress to date to the product owner. Thus, it can regularly influence the development and introduce new requirements or change requests.

In addition, there are only a few rules in the Scrum method. Due to the iterative work, the constant repetition of sprints and reviews means that the project result remains open until the end and can be flexibly adapted to unforeseen changes.

If the architect or the engineering office has to re-plan because the project suddenly receives a different room plan or damage occurs during the construction phase. Thus, this is much less complicated than in classic project structures due to the strategies generated from Scrum.

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