What are the largest industries in Mexico?

Although Mexico has rich natural resources for the development of industry, it is still an industrial-agrarian country. This is due to the fact that the development and growth of the Mexican economy began in the 1950s. This phenomenon was called at the time the “Mexican miracle”.

Industries in Mexico

Mining industry

There are 3 main mining areas. In the north, the Gulf Coast and in the central-west regions. The exploitation of minerals mostly belongs to the State. This is the main part of the budget revenues. Silver mining has made Mexico a leader in the industry. Among the minerals extracted industrially are antimony, sulfur, mercury, gold, cadmium, bismuth, tin, copper and tungsten. The minerals extracted are of high quality composition. The country also has significant reserves of silver, iron and uranium. In terms of manganese ore reserves, Mexico is also among the leaders in the region. Subway resources also include lead and zinc ore deposits. The country has more than two hundred mercury deposits. This allows Mexico to confidently occupy the 3rd position in the world.

Petrochemical industry

The extraction and processing of important oil and gas reserves gave remarkable growth to the Mexican economy. PEMEX controlled almost all production. However, the need for additional investments, as well as the desire to improve infrastructure, allowed other companies to participate in the market. This led not only to the development of new fields, but also to the modernization of oil refineries and chemical companies. In total, the petrochemical industry currently includes fifteen industries. And in addition to the production of various types of fuel, the pharmaceutical industry and the production of plastics are competitive.

Metallurgical industry

The extracted iron ores have a high-quality composition. The metallurgical industry fully meets the needs of local metal engineering, so that almost half of the products of ferrous metallurgy are exported. Non-ferrous metallurgy also occupies a leading position, especially given the volume of extraction of rare earth metals.

Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical engineering in Mexico is represented by automotive, machine tools, agricultural machinery and railroad cars. But most of the products are exported to the United States.
The automotive industry plays a leading role and is represented not only by the large corporations General Motors, FORD, Chrysler, VW, Nissan, Toyota, Honda, BMW, Mercedes Benz, etc., but also by a small portion of domestic manufacturers, including Mastrettadesign. This Mexican company developed the Mastretta MXT super sports car.

Aerospace industry

The Mexican aerospace industry assembles foreign aircraft and manufactures control systems. In-house companies are dominating the production of a helicopter and commercial jet aircraft. Mexico’s Aeromarmi is engaged in the production of light propeller aircraft, Hydra Technology produces unmanned vehicles. A Mexican television satellite flies in space orbit.

Construction materials

Cement production is the third largest in the world, producing more than fifty million tons of cement per year. This is done by the national conglomerate Cemex. Mexico also has a well-developed glass industry.

Wood industry

At the beginning of the last century, important reserves of these natural resources were destroyed by uncontrolled deforestation. But since the 1940s, a program to restore forest reserves has been underway. To date, the volume of the timber industry is at the level of twenty-five million cubic meters. The branch species with industrial value are pine, red cedar and oak. Most of the cut timber is exported. Some is used for the needs of the pulp and paper and wood chemical industries (production of tanning and dyeing reagents, bitumen, rosin). Mexico produces more than 80% of gum juice, making it the world leader.

Food industry

The food industry in Mexico focuses primarily on the production of flour and tortillas. Also the production of sugar, coffee, liquors (tequila) and the production of Coca-Cola soft drinks. Mexico ranks second in the world in the production of this beverage and has 54 plants in its territory. Almost all food manufacturers are multinational companies. And only the production of traditional local products is given to small national producers.

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